About SasNet Windows Lite Project

SasNet does not intend to make a lite version for October Update 2018 aka Redstone 5 because:
-Incorrect display of CPU usage
-Deleting user files from My Pictures and My Documents
-Problems with the compatibility of the Intel driver
-Blue screens due to drivers on HP devices.

Yes, The Windows Operating system is good, but it requiers lots of attention. That's the reason we created this project. SasNet Windows Lite it's a project that started in 2009 with the thought of having the perfect windows, without having to add any microsoft software A clean operating system, fast and already optimized, ideal for any home user without extra big expectations. 
In 2012 I launched the first Windows version for the public and my idea was very well welcomed and appreciated, You have to be aware of the fact that a Windows Lite doesn't have all of the Original Windows functions. It only has the basic functions. 
I recommend reading everything it includes/ it lacks before downloading. If you are the type of user that likes having all those useless functions, this windows is NOT for you.

These are some of the Windows Lite strong points:
-Fast install 
-Already configured 
-100% legal 
-No hidden Updates 
-Compatible with any PC 
-No traffic monitorization by Microsoft 
-Many Others
Thanks for use a lite windows.

Da, Sistemul de operare Windows este bun,dar necesita foarte multa atentie. De aceea am creat acest proiect. SasNet Windows Lite este un proiect ce a luat nastere in anul 2009, din dorinta de a imi oferi un windows perfect,fara nici-un fel de soft adaugat de microsoft. Un sistem de operate curat, rapid si gata optimizat,ideal pentru un home user fara pretentii. 
In 2012 am pus prima versiune de Windows pentru publicul larg,unde am fost foarte bine primit cu ideea mea. Trebuie sa stiti ca un Windows lite nu are toate functiile unui Windows original,are strict funciile de baza. 
Va recomand inainte de a descarca sa cititi tot ce sa exclus din el. Daca esti un utiilizator care ii place sa aibe active toate functiile nefolositoare,atunci acest windows nu este de tine.

Iata cateva facilitati a lui windows lite:
- Rapid 
- Foarte curat 
- Instalare Rapida 
- Gata configurat. 
- 100% Legal 
- Fara Update-uri ascunse 
- Compatibil cu PC-uri slabe 
- Fara monitorizare a traficului de catre Microsoft 
- Multe altele.
Va multumim ca utilizati un windows lite.
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